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Davide Del Medico

The mind
Davide is the manager of the Cinte Tesino park. Attentive to the smallest details for the enjoyment of people, from 2021 he took charge of bringing adrenaline and news to Valsugana.

Emanuele Tragni

The technician
Emanuele is one of the instructors and the management part of the social media and media organization is in his hands. After three years spent in Oceania it is now ready to entertain you and help you in case of need!

Nicole Prova

The teacher
Nicole, ski instructor in winter and adventure park instructor in summer. His life is dedicated to teaching children and adults about sport and physical activity. It is the perfect choice for the little ones in times of difficulty

Enea Stefani

Il Toro
Enea is the person you don't expect.
Allenatore di sci, climber e istruttore per parchi avventura è lui che chiamiamo quando non riusciamo a tirare su qualcuno. Ma a parte la stazza sa spiegarvi al meglio come muoversi sugli alberi per trascorrere 2 ore di divertimento puro!