Molina di Fiemme park is one of the highest parks in Trentino.

With more than 10 years of activity you can experience the thrill of being at 22 meters in a larch grove located at the beginning of the wonderful Val di Fiemme!

Fun is guaranteed both to adults and to the smallest adventurers thanks to our 9 routes, of which 5 are intended for children and 4 for adults and children.

Flylines, suspended platforms, vines and numerous other obstacles will test your balance and strength skills!

The access to the park is free of charge, you will pay only if you want to try our routes.

Green route

from 3 years old
Easy route for the most inexperienced and small, located one meter from the ground. This allows the possibility of a constant presence of an adult throughout the course.

Light blue route

from 5 years old
For our more daring guests, who want to try different heights and slightly challenging passages, all in the name of safety and the pleasure of being immersed in the trees!

Yellow route

From 110 cm
A path that will offer new emotions, thanks to the installation of games that will increase the psychomotor skills of the kids who have already tried the experience of the blue course and who want a little more adventure.

Blue route 1

From 120 cm
For those who want to experiment on new paths, in total safety! Continuous life line to guarantee fun in total carefree!

Blue route 2

From 120 cm
For those who want to experience what it feels like 3 meters above the ground, this route is for you!

Red route 1

From 140 cm
Exciting path, which allows you to unleash and discover the ability to balance and good grip. Beautiful passages with pulleys, to fly from tree to tree landing on soft and safe mattresses!

Red route 1

From 140 cm
Exciting path, which allows you to unleash and discover the ability to balance and good grip. Beautiful passages with pulleys, to fly from tree to tree landing on soft and safe mattresses!

Red route 2

From 140 cm
This path will allow you to discover and demonstrate your balance skills!
Our flyline will allow you to fly from tree to tree in total safety!


From 140 cm
Who wants to fly?
A path more than 300 meters long among the trees. An easy and very fun path for everyone.

Black route

From 160 cm
Fun course on really exciting heights! The black route requires commitment and preparation, ideal for those who want to experiment in verticality in close contact with nature and physicality!


Adventure Dolomiti cares about your safety! 

Both of our parks are equipped with a continuous lifeline system.

The operating principle is very simple: the opening of the hook is less than the diameter of the cable but greater than the thickness of the connection plates. In this way safety is guaranteed, once you have entered the lifeline it is impossible to leave it before the end of the path. 

But you can rest assured that in the event of an evacuation or rescue, our instructors will be able to take you to the ground in the blink of an eye.


Thanks to the different difficulties of the routes, anyone can try this new approach to nature, alone or in the company of your friends. 

Our lines are designed for everyone, if you need special assistance, contact us first and we will try to organize what is right for you!


We also care about the environment and our woods, so we have decided that we will no longer use paper for our registration forms.

You can pre-fill the form through your device by clicking on the button!

Claudia DomeniconiClaudia Domeniconi
23:04 25 Sep 21
Posto stupendo. Per i più coraggiosi e soprattutto per chi non soffre di vertigini.
Paolo MiselliPaolo Miselli
14:25 20 Aug 21
Parco attrezzato di livello medio per quanto riguarda la varietà dei percorsi e la difficoltà degli stessi,non per quanto riguarda i prezzi, decisamente sopra la media(45 € per un bambino di 10 e una di 6 anni,ma solo se avete la Trentino card, altrimenti ancora di più!)Pochi addetti, più attenti a riprendere i genitori che "vagano"per guardare i propri figli,che ad aiutare i ragazzi in difficoltà......Non consiglio.
Simona BonfantiSimona Bonfanti
19:29 17 Aug 21
I miei bimbi ogni volta si divertono un mondo. Esperienza che rifanno ogni volta molto volentieri.
Dario De FelicisDario De Felicis
13:39 18 Jul 21
Fantastico. Divertentissimo. Per adulti e per bambini, anche piccoli. Un parco - davvero - di divertimenti
Maria Rosa GardinMaria Rosa Gardin
05:30 05 Jul 21
Bellissimo parco attrezzato, tante cose da fare. Adatto a tutti. Consiglio di visitarlo.Bella la chiesetta e la grotta con la Madonna del boscaiolo.